What is UPrint?

UPrint, the University’s Managed Print Services (“MPS”) Program managed by the Design & Document Production Center, is a service provided to the University of Connecticut (“UConn”) through an external provider who will analyze document output devices (such as copiers, printers and fax machines) with the goal of reducing the total cost of ownership, improving efficiency and productivity, and furthering the University’s sustainability initiatives.
UPrint will include all equipment, service/maintenance, and supplies; departments will be primarily billed through a document output fee structure which varies based on your department’s needs.

How will my department realize cost savings?

University departments can realize cost savings through the UPrint in a variety of ways. First, departments will not be required to purchase a new device to participate in the program; all costs will be combined into document output fee structure that best meets the needs of your department. In addition, your department will no longer have to purchase consumables (toner, staples etc.) thereby reducing the amount of administrative support required for printing. CBS will place a device with a department for 60 months A fixed device fee will then be charged each month and be charged only for black or color copies/prints that they make.

Will departments have to buy new equipment after we enroll in the program?

No, although your existing equipment may be replaced with CBS supplied equipment; departments will not be required to buy new equipment. All equipment, service maintenance, and supplies (excluding paper) are included as part of the document output fee structure.
Certain features of the UPrint program may not be accessible without compatible equipment.

What happens to my current leased equipment?

The majority of leases will be allowed to expire. Please contact Joseph Lastrina or Joyce Meehan in Purchasing for additional information.

What if my department does not want to lose our current devices?

Based on the thorough assessment of each area, departments will be presented with a proposed right-sized environment which best fits your document output needs and business requirements. We are aware that specific business needs exist, and will work with departments to include current equipment, where possible and most economical, when compiling a final recommendation.

How will my department be assessed?

Once your department begins participating in the UPrint program, Current costs will be collected for each device before the assessment. Your department representative will be contacted to schedule a time to conduct an assessment once all equipment details have been submitted.

During the assessment process, multiple factors are considered to ensure recommended equipment meets the needs of all users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, other factors include equipment capabilities and departmental business needs. Should your department require printing from a special application, this will also be taken into consideration.

Will equipment be removed from my department?

Each department assessment may be different and will take into consideration the current printing environment; recommend cost savings and opportunities to employ efficiencies. This may result in the addition or reduction of equipment to ensure department needs are being met while improving efficiencies. It is important to note that additions or reductions of equipment will not materially affect the functionality of the equipment itself. When replacing devices UCONN owned machines will be removed by CBS at the time of delivery of new device. An ACT39 form needs to accompany the equipment to the Surplus area. Vendor leased machines will be scheduled for removal by the UPRINT program and removed by vendor. CBS may unplug and move the vendor owned machines in order to place the new device.

What happens if a department’s output needs change?

As part of the UPrint program, the majority of the equipment is vendor-owned; therefore, the flexibility exists to reassess and adjust equipment placements as necessary. The same assessment process described above will be used.

What if my department does not want to participate in the UPrint program?

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to deploy the UPrint Program University-wide to maximize efficiencies, obtain greater cost savings and increase document output management. Through a unified effort, the University will be able to leverage spend to achieve greater customer service, more advanced technology, a secured printing environment through a controlled print function.
As this initiative is supported by senior management, it will be deployed in phases. The initial phase will include a pilot encompassing l all areas reporting to the Executive Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer. Based on the success of Phase I, additional steps may be taken in Phase II in an effort to achieve a more coordinated environment through expansion of the program to the remaining areas of the University.

Does my department’s equipment have to be networked to be in the UPrint program?

Yes, all equipment under the UPrint program will be networked.

My department has security and compliance requirements; how will they be accommodated?

When a department is being assessed, the department representative should make known any specific requirements that may currently exist in their area.

If sharing equipment, how do I ensure confidential documents are not picked up by someone other than me?

A key feature of the UPrint program is secure print. This feature will allow controlled release of documents to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the output. Documents will be sent to an output device and will not be printed until you input your credentials into a particular networked device. Without your credentials, your document will not be printed.

How will the vendor know when I need toner or service? Who do I contact for supplies?

Supply levels will automatically be monitored and shipped when necessary through software administered by CBS. Many service needs will also be monitored through this software. UPrint will also maintain a stock of supplies in the event an emergent need arises.

Will training be provided on the new equipment?

Yes, training for new devices will be scheduled through the UPrint team.

My department is not yet a part of the UPrint Program, and my current equipment needs servicing. Who do I contact?

As certain devices can be serviced by CBS, please contact Purchasing at (860) 486-2619 or UPrint at uprint@uconn.edu to discuss your specific needs.

Who does my department contact with additional questions?

Your UPrint contact will vary depending on your question or issue. For a complete list of contacts, please see visit uprint.uconn.edu/contact-us/.