About UPrint

What is UPrint?

UPrint, the University’s Managed Print Services (“MPS”) Program managed by the Document Production Center, is a service provided to the University of Connecticut (“UConn”) through an external provider who will analyze document output devices (such as copiers, printers and fax machines) with the goal of reducing the total cost of ownership, improving efficiency and productivity, and furthering the University’s sustainability initiatives.

Commencing in the Fall 2014, UConn entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with Connecticut Business Systems (CBS), a Xerox Corporation located in Newington, CT.

UPrint includes all equipment, service/maintenance, and supplies; departments will be primarily billed through a document output fee structure which varies based on your department’s needs.

Benefits of the UPrint Program*

  • All future equipment, including multi-functional devices (“MFDs”) and networked printers will be provided under this program
  • All supplies (toner, staples etc.) are included at no additional cost
  • Service maintenance and parts replacement are also provided
  • Guaranteed service level response times
  • Dedicated on-site technical support
  • Detailed account usage and simplified billing
  • Flexibility for equipment changes required to meet operational business needs
  • Sole service provider
  • Reduction in energy usage and paper consumption.

*Available only through CBS owned and managed equipment.

Goals of the UPrint Program:

UConn’s goals in adopting UPrint include:

  • Lowering the total cost of ownership: By eliminating, or minimizing, the need for initial capital investment in a printer or MFD by transitioning to the document output structure pricing model, departments may avoid, or greatly reduce, the initial capital investment, but also avoid paying for copies which they may or may not consume.
  • Reducing the impact UConn has on the environment: Deploying energy efficient devices with multiple functions allows for decreased energy consumption through consolidation of the number of devices necessary to perform various functions (separate printers, scanners, fax machines, etc.).
  • Streamline operations, standardize equipment and increase efficiency: UPrint will increase efficiencies by standardizing on equipment and supplies and drive efficient processes for the acquisition and maintenance of equipment.

Types of Equipment Included in the UPrint Program:

  • Multi-function devices (MFD’s)
  • Networked printers
  • Wide -format color printers
  • Potential service maintenance of existing equipment*

*If applicable upon results of assessment

How the UPrint Program Works:

Each department participating in the UPrint Program will undergo an initial assessment to assist in determining what type of equipment, and the appropriate level of technology, is required to meet the business and operational needs of the respective department.

Once the assessment has been completed, CBS will meet with the respective department representative and provide a recommendation to ensure that the department is outfitted with the appropriate print output device(s) to create a more efficient and productive environment while reducing the department’s overall printing expenses.